Mercedes-Benz İki görüntülü Ekran SPLITVIEW Screen Technology

mercedes-benz-splitview-screen-technologyMercedes-Benz SPLITVIEW Screen Technology

Bu teknolojiyle iki farklı kişi aynı ekrandan istediği programı seyredebilecek. 2009 yazında Mercedes S sınıfında bu teknolojiyi görebileceğiz.

Sometimes when two or more people disagree, it’s best to split them up. Mercedes-Benz is thinking along the same lines with its new SPLITVIEW technology which will premier where else but in the S-Class in summer 2009. The technology’s premise is to basically allow two different programmes to be viewed from the same 8-inch screen.

How does it work? Basically the in-dash monitor shows a backlit active matrix TFT-LCD screen that shows two different images at the same time by placing pixels adjacent to each other. Then a filter which masks the display separates the mixed pixels making one or the other image viewable depending on the seating position. This results in two different images being shown.

SPLITVIEW is developed by Mercedes in conjunction with Bosch and it integrates with COMAND. The front passenger can then watch movies or television while the driver concentrates on the road. To further split the two, headphones can be used to insulate the driver from whatever soundtrack is being played from the other “screen”.

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